Bat Removal

Bat Removal Within the Northshore, LA Area

For almost 40 years, JA-ROY Pest Control has provided prompt, courteous, and professional service to residents in the St. Tammany, Washington, and Tangipahoa Parish areas. We employ more than fifty service techs across our four offices to efficiently serve the community with a variety of pest control needs, including bat removal from attics and other spaces. Our guaranteed results are accomplished using the safest and most effective methods currently on the market.

The Dangers of Bats

It is fairly easy for bats to enter spaces within homes, garages, and outdoor buildings. This happens primarily through small holes within the building’s exterior. Bats like to travel in colonies, so a buildup or infestation can happen fairly quickly. Bats enter into interior spaces for warmth, and they leave behind an obtrusive odor through their guano.

Bat Removal

The bat removal specialists at JA-ROY will first perform an inspection of your home to ascertain colony size and locate the entry points within your home’s exterior. While many homeowners think that bat trapping will provide a resolution, the process does not guarantee all bats are contained and therefore does not offer permanent solution. JA-ROY employs the use of specialized nets that let the bats out of the interior space in the evening for feeding, but prevent re-entry. Once the entire colony has been effectively removed, all of the entry points must be sealed to prevent further entry and any bat droppings should be cleaned.

Working with JA-ROY

JA-ROY specializes in the treatment and removal of a wide variety of insects and animals. Quarterly 3 & 1 Pest Control customers have access to JA-ROY’s certified and trained technicians at all times. In fact, if you notice pests before your next scheduled appointment, we will come to your house to retreat at no additional cost to you.

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