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Beg Bug Control in St. Tammany Parish, Washington Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, LA

The term “bed bugs” can refer to over ninety different species of insects that live all around the world. These insects are defined by the fact that they do not have wings and they are blood-feeding parasites. Although bed bugs have existed for thousands of years, they have become a big problem in many developed countries all over the world.

Bed bug extermination in St. Tammany, Washington, and Tangipahoa Parishes

Controlling bed bugs, unfortunately, cannot be done with a single retail pesticide. In order to control an outbreak of bed bugs, a person first has to make sure that the area is actually infested with bed bugs. To do this, look for things such as translucent skins or casings that are cast off by bed bugs, and dark brown and red spots in the seams of both mattresses and bed sheets.

After it is determined that an area is infested with Louisiana bed bugs, it’s necessary to look for the original source of the infestation. This is typically a neighboring apartment or business (if a person lives in a shared building), luggage or clothing that was brought back from an infested hotel, or furniture or other home goods that were infested and then brought into an area.

After eliminating the source of the infestation, it is time to eliminate the rest of the bed bugs. To do this, start by thoroughly inspecting everything in an area. There are many locations in a home or business where bed bugs can hide. Because this process will be very time consuming, get rid of any clutter that is not made of cloth in the area. Toss any trash into containers that are located at least ten feet away from the house or business that a person is trying to get rid of the bed bugs from.

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After doing this, a person will need to bag up and remove all of their bedding, clothing, and anything else with cloth. All of these items should be washed in hot water. If the fabric’s tag says that it cannot be washed in hot water, isolate the item for at least forty eight hours.

After washing these items, start work on the bed and any other furniture. If possible, set these larger items in a room on their own, then spray each item with pesticides designed for bed bugs. After using pesticides, check over each item thoroughly before putting it to use again.

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