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There are few places more beautiful to live than Louisiana. There are an abundance of historic buildings, residents are never too far from the water, and the weather is warm nearly all year long. While these are all features that attract humans to live in the area, they also attract many pests that can invade Louisiana homes. In particular, Louisiana has many more pests than the average area due to the warm, damp weather. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that residents be on the lookout for the following pests and remove them in a timely manner. When in need of pest control, Slidell homeowners count on JA-ROY Pest Control.


Both rats and mice are a common problem in the Louisiana area, which is why we specialize in removing both. While the most common rodents found in homes are small house mice, they are especially important to remove before the creatures begin breeding within the walls of the home. Signs of mice can include finding mouse droppings, hearing scratching within the walls or having sudden unexplained allergies due to the dropping or fur dander.

While less common, rats can also make their way into Louisiana homes. Rats are typically darker in color and much larger than mice. They are also able to climb into cabinets and pantries then scratch and chew their way through boxes of food. Rodents are known to carry bacteria, germs, fleas, lice, ticks, and mites, which is why it is extremely important to get rid of the pests are soon as possible.


You can rely on a professional exterminator from JA-ROY for quality pest control across the Northshore. We have offices in Covington, Hammond, Slidell and Franklinton.


Another problem Louisiana residents have is cockroaches. While most warm areas are plagued by these pests, Louisiana is unfortunate enough to have both large American, German, flying, and nearly every other type of cockroach imaginable.

While homeowners can certainly reduce cockroaches on their own, we’re trained to determine the type of cockroach, how they’re getting in, and where they’re living. After learning these facts, we’re able to successfully remove all species from the home before bacteria from the pest is spread.


Nobody wants to have spiders living within their home, but this is even truer for Louisiana residents. This is because, while there are many non-poisonous spiders in the area, there are also two extremely venomous species that can cause a severe reaction in humans if bitten.

The most well known of the poisonous species is the Black Widow. These spiders are typically carried into the home when residents bring in firewood. Once inside, they then sneak off to hide in dark places until an unsuspecting person comes along. If multiple spiders are brought in, the Black Widow can reproduce and pose a huge risk to those living within the home.

The second poisonous species is the Brown Recluse. The scary thing about these spiders is that they’re extremely aggressive. Humans often make the mistake of attempting to kill the spider, only to get bitten in retaliation. These spiders are also known to hide in shoes, clothing or bedding, making it extremely important to remove all pests before a resident is bitten and requires emergency care.

phile most people consider pests a minor inconvenience, the creatures living in Louisiana can be extremely dangerous to the health of locals. Between poisonous animals and the amount of bacteria spread, it’s recommended that a professional pest control service be used at the first sign of a problem. For more information on pest control, Slidell residents can give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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