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Are there scratching or scurrying noises coming from your ceiling? Normally, unusual noises in your attic or walls are the first sign of animals living inside, but there are other signs to look out for, too. Unfortunately, the type of animal in the attic and the extent of the problem can be difficult to tell without experience. Fortunately, Ja-Roy‘s staff of experts are equipped and ready to help you! Our critter control team has removed many kinds of wild animals from our customers’ attics with efficient and humane strategies. Read on to learn more about wildlife removal in attics in Louisiana!

Evidence of Animals in the Attic

When you think that the sounds you’re hearing from your attic are indicative of a wildlife infestation, make sure to check around your home for other signs of evidence that can tell you more about the problem. Here are a few more signs that you have animals in the attic:

  • Animal feces or urine in your crawl spaces, behind appliances, and along walls
  • Damaged or destroyed insulation caused by nesting
  • Animal bite marks left on your belongings or on the structure of your building
  • Your roof or attic is littered with branches, leaves, or torn paper

What Wild Animals Do I Have in my Attic?

Identifying the animals upstairs is the first step to handling them safely once you’re sure that they’re there. Here are the animals that most commonly invade attics in Louisiana and the evidence they leave:

  1. Rats and mice: Rats and mice sometimes tear up insulation to make nests in attics. Additionally, to prevent the growth of their incisors, they need to constantly gnaw on hard surfaces in our homes. Noticing these signs after hearing light scurrying from above surely means you have rodents.
  2. Raccoons: Raccoons will tear your roof shingles off or chew through your walls to get into your home. Because raccoons are nocturnal and larger than other attic invaders, loud noises in the night are common during a raccoon infestation.
  3. Squirrels: Squirrels sneak into our homes via roof vents or eave gaps, as opposed to raccoons that tend to break in forcefully. You can differentiate between squirrel noises and raccoon noises by the volume and heaviness.
  4. Birds: Birds, of course, have easily identifiable chirps. It’s important to act quickly to remove them when you hear them in your attic because of the dangers associated with their droppings.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Animals in the Attic?

You can prevent wildlife problems from developing in your attic in the first place by keeping a close watch on your property and closing off any holes that you find leading to your building’s interior structure. However, once wild animals get inside, they are dangerous and difficult to get rid of alone. Instead reach out to the critter control team at Ja-Roy. Our technicians are trained to handle a plethora of wildlife problems with safe, humane, and effective strategies. For a free quote, contact us today!

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