Flea Control in St. Tammany Parish, Washington Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, LA

Come to JA-ROY Pest Control for residential pest, rodent, and flea control. Covington, LA, Hammond, Slidell, Franklinton, and the surrounding areas choose us for our proven work and our commitment to work around our customers’ busy schedules.

Most of us welcome summertime so that we can take our vacations or just for the longer period of daylight, in which to pursue our hobbies. While we do enjoy ourselves more during summer, we also are being besieged with an increase in our flea population.

Fleas can be a health hazard to your pet, not to mention, a nuisance to you. Although fleas don’t live on people, they can bite and cause itchy red bumps on your skin.

When you call JA-ROY to treat your home for fleas we are going to ask you several questions to determine the type of infestation you have. This diagnosis is critical for us, in the treatment of your flea problem.

We will ask, why do you think you have a flea problem? Also, where do your pets spend most of their time sleeping or resting? This is important to determine how bad the flea problem is and if the population is pre adult or adult fleas. Finding this out is necessary for the treatment. The flea’s lifecycle starts with eggs which will hatch into larva and then become pupate. The pupae will then become fleas. Looking at where your animal sleeps may help establish what stage the fleas are in, which will determine our approach to treatment.

There are several things we will ask that you do, in preparation for us to treat. Below, you will find a list of these:

  • Vacuum the house including soft furniture. Empty the vacuum cleaner and put contents outside in garbage.
  • Pick up floors; books, toys, etc. (including under the bed and closet floors).
  • Mop (we will ask that you not mop for 10 days after treatment)
  • Have any pets treated before bringing them back in the house and anytime after that when infested with fleas.
  • People and pets must be out of house for 4 hours-to allow chemical to dry.

After the treatment we do ask that you vacuum everyday or as often as possible. Remember to dispose of the contents outside in the garbage as soon as you finish vacuuming.

Call our office for more information about roach and flea control. Covington, LA area residents deserve to live bug free. Call our office for more information on ANY of our 100% GUARANTEED SERVICES.


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