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How often should my home be treated for termites in Louisiana?

Different termite treatments last for different amounts of time. Some need to be regularly monitored while others can last for more than a decade.

Termidor termite treatment is said to be effective for up to 13 years. Sentricon bait stations are regularly monitored, making their effectiveness long-lasting. No matter how long your termite treatment is supposed to last, it’s smart to get annual inspections on your home or business in Covington to ensure no new termite activity pops up.

Do I Need Termite Treatment Every Year?

Constantly administering treatment isn’t always the way to go, which can be costly and wasteful. A combination of preventative methods and regular inspections by a professional is the most effective way to ward off termites. A pest control company such as Ja-Roy Pest Control will also know exactly how much and what type of treatment will work best for your unique situation. It’s important to leave the hard work to the experts when it comes to deciding how often your home should be treated for termites.

What Can I Do Between Termite Treatments to Prevent Termites?

Even if you have termite treatment underway, it’s always a good idea to learn how to make your property less attractive to termites. Here’s how:

  • Keep piles of lumber or firewood away from your property or stored above ground.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water in or near the home.
  • Be wary of areas of your foundation where wood is in contact with soil.
  • Regularly inspect your deck, patio, or outdoor furniture for signs of damage.
  • Remove decaying trees and branches in your yard.

How Often Do I Need a Termite Exterminator?

No matter whether you want to prevent termites or another type of pest, it’s always important to regular inspections from a termite exterminator. By getting annual termite inspections, you can rest easy knowing your home or business is continually protected against termites.