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Presto-X & Ja-Roy Pest Control Merger FAQs

Serving Washington | Tangipahoa | Saint Tammany | Livingston | East Baton Rouge | West Baton Rouge | Orleans

Presto-X is joining forces with Ja-presto-x logo, merging with ja-roy pest controlRoy Pest Control! From all of us at Presto-X and Ja-Roy, we’re thrilled about the many ways this transition will improve our ability to provide outstanding pest control services to our community.

Presto-X has been providing pest control to homes and businesses since all the way back in 1932. Ja-Roy understands what this means, and we pledge to continue that proud tradition of customer service excellence and unbeatable pest control.

Although there might be a few minor changes like the name of the company and the uniforms, the high standard of excellence will remain exactly the same.

Presto-X Merges with Ja-Roy Pest Control

You might still have questions about this partnership. If you don’t see yours here, feel free to contact Ja-Roy Pest Control by phone or email.

Presto-X will now be known as Ja-Roy Pest Control.

It won’t. Your services will remain the same. Ja-Roy Pest Control will continue providing whichever services you’re currently receiving with the same level of care and attention.

Yes. If you wish to make any changes to your residential or commercial pest control services, please contact Ja-Roy Pest Control’s offices during our regular business hours.

Ja-Roy has been a leader in pest control since 1971. While not quite as long as Presto-X, we understand a thing or two about how excellent service translates to longevity. With our cutting edge technology, customized pest management solutions, and highly trained pest technicians, we can take down any pest problem you’re facing.

No, there will be no price changes as a result of this merger. If prices do change in the future, it will be due to enhancements in service quality and/or unexpected market conditions.

No, your service visits will remain the same frequency. Over time, as Presto-X’s and Ja-Roy’s operations merge, we may identify better ways to serve you and restructure some service programs to improve and streamline our offerings. If that happens, you’ll be notified of any changes in advance.

No, your termite protection will continue uninterrupted.

Your services will be scheduled at a time that’s ideal for the best year-round pest protection. For your convenience, you will be notified 48 hours in advance of your appointment via call or email. Your technician will no longer call the day prior to an appointment.

We understand that trust builds up as you work with a certain technician over time. For this reason, we strive to keep trusted technicians with customers as much as possible. However, as our organization streamlines its operations, it’s possible that some technicians may be reassigned.

Rest assured that every one of our technicians is knowledgeable about the local area and committed to providing you with world-class service.

You may continue using the same phone number and email you do now. Eventually, we may make adjustments to better serve you. We will provide advance notice of any changes. Visit our website at anytime for the latest information.

We’re committed to keeping you informed about any changes that may affect you. We will communicate important updates via mail and email, if you choose.

Please make sure you have valid tax-exempt documentation on file. Customers with invalid tax-exempt documentation will be charged sales tax. When tax-exempt status expires, send updated documentation to

Contact if you need to change the bank account to ensure your account is updated quickly. Any emailed remittance for electronic information should be sent to

Please note the new address to submit your check is Ja-Roy Pest Control, P.O. Box 740608, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0608.