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Wildlife Control – Exclusion & Removal

Covington LA’s Wildlife Control Experts

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No property owner wants to deal with an outbreak of wildlife on their premises. Wild animals tend to be unpredictable and even aggressive, which is why you must rely on a professional pest control company to remove them. At Ja-Roy Pest Control, we employ a wildlife removal team with the necessary skills and experience to safely and quickly remove wildlife all around the Covington LA area, as well as prevent them from coming back!

Wildlife Removal for YOUR HOME

Wild animals have no place in your home. Not only does an infestation endanger your family, but it also endangers the animals. If you have an infestation, it’s important to never try to get rid of the animals yourself. At Ja-Roy Pest Control, we employ a team of certified, licensed experts who can safely implement wildlife control tactics.

Ja-Roy Pest Control’s Wildlife Removal Process

Without consulting a professional, wildlife removal can be very dangerous. When you need to remove wild animals from your yard, be sure to work with a professional wildlife control expert who can take care of the problem swiftly and safely. Our wildlife removal services go as follows:

  1. A complete property inspection to find the source of the infestation
  2. Placement of traps or implementation of other wildlife exclusion efforts
  3. Sealing of any access points to your home
  4. A detailed removal report covering the wildlife treatment
  5. Prevention tips to avoid future wildlife outbreaks on your property

Wildlife Control for YOUR BUSINESS

An outbreak of wildlife in your business can damage your property and your reputation. The presence of wildlife can distress staff and frighten potential customers. Ja-Roy Pest Control understands the habits of animals like raccoons, squirrels, and bats will provide solutions to control them or remove them from your business premises.

With 50 years of experience in wildlife control, we know what it takes to keep nuisance wildlife away from your commercial property all year long.

When it comes to commercial pest control, it’s crucial to work with an exterminator who knows the ins and outs of wildlife habits in the area. We are your local experts in commercial wildlife removal.

Wild animals are unpredictable, and they can become aggressive toward humans if they feel threatened or lost. Our wildlife experts will safeguard your business and humanely remove any wildlife infestations.

We know the importance of discretion when it comes to commercial pest control. When you have an animal problem, we will be able to arrange removal services at the day and time that works best for your business.

For decades, we have been Covington LA’s leaders in wildlife removal services. We have the expertise and specialized exclusion and removal solutions to control current infestations as well as prevent future ones.

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Wildlife Control – Exclusion & Removal Serving Covington | Mandeville | Slidell | Franklinton | Hammond

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