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When running a healthcare facility, maintaining a sanitary environment is vital. Unfortunately, pest problems can crop up quickly in a medical office, outpatient facility, hospital, or long-term care facility. With vulnerable populations, there is no time to have pests around that can bring in germs and bacteria. Pests can easily contaminate sensitive areas of your building and jeopardize the health of your patients and employees. 

The healthcare pest control experts at Ja-Roy understand you need fast, effective, and reliable solutions for your doctor’s office, clinic, or any other kind of medical facility. Schedule your appointment today and get guaranteed results.

How We Eliminate Pests in Healthcare

A healthcare facility is unlike any other place and requires a specialized approach to eliminating and preventing pest issues. Pests have easy access with the numerous people entering and leaving. There are also kitchen or food prep areas that attract pests along with beds and couches that pests hide in. In addition to these risks, healthcare facilities have higher standards than other places, as there are strict government regulations and mandatory inspections. 

With this in mind, we offer a customized pest control plan for healthcare facilities that are intended for long-term results. Our experts create a unique pest control plan that includes: 

  • Inspection: We begin with a detailed inspection of your healthcare facility. An experienced technician will identify vulnerabilities and pest-related challenges you face. We’ll outline a pest control plan and provide a free quote.
  • Treatment: We move swiftly to implement the agreed-upon pest control measures. Whether it involves preventative measures, targeted treatments, or structural modifications, this phase is strategic and efficient. 
  • Prevention: Our goal goes beyond getting rid of your active pest infestations – we strive to help you maintain a pest-free* environment over the long term. 

What Makes Ja-Roy Different?

At Ja-Roy, here’s how our healthcare pest control services stand out:

  • Fast Response Times: You treat patients on a strict schedule. Pests can mean delaying or rescheduling appointments – or even closing off certain areas. We keep this in mind and work around your schedule.
  • Effective and Discreet Treatments: You’re not going to advertise the presence of pests in your facility, and neither will we. You work hard to maintain a high-quality reputation, which means we will be as discreet as possible. 
  • Accurate Reporting and Employee Training: If you have any logs or charts that need to be updated, we will handle them for you. After every service, we will provide a detailed report.
  • Tailored Service Procedures: If your facility is subject to additional rules and regulations, just let us know and we’ll follow your instructions to the letter. 

Call the Trusted Healthcare Pest Control Experts in Louisiana

Trust the team that’s been providing specialized care in your industry for over 50 years. We understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities and can bring you the peace of mind you need. 

Call us today to get a free quote on your fast, discreet, and reliable medical facility pest control services! The sooner you call, the sooner your problem is solved.

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