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In a healthcare setting, patient and staff safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, infestations can make it impossible for you to properly protect the people in your facility. From contaminating sterile equipment to triggering allergic reactions, pests can cause all sorts of dangerous problems in your healthcare building.

At Ja-Roy, we know how important it is to maintain a pest-free* environment. That’s why we provide ongoing services that focus on quickly excluding existing infestations and preventing more from forming in the future.

Challenges Caused by Pests in Healthcare Facilities

The ramifications of pest infestations can result in severe danger to patients and staff disrupting daily operations. Here are some of the most common pests in Louisiana and why they are so dangerous in a healthcare setting:

  • Bedbugs: Bedbugs are voracious parasites and unfortunately, can be highly difficult to remove. Spreading quickly by hitching rides on fabric, they’re a biting nuisance. With patient comfort being high priority, bed bugs throw a serious wrench in that.
  • Ants: While most ants are simply a nuisance, some can be highly dangerous. Fire ants have toxic bites and, in one specialized instance, pharaoh ants have been documented transporting radioactive material out of a lab. While this material harmless to the ant,  it could have been incredibly damaging to patients and staff.
  • Spiders: Again, while spiders are good pest control assistants, some have bites that are highly dangerous to a healthy person, let alone someone whose health is already fragile. 

There are more hazards to a pest infestation than we can list here, and many more pests that provide hazards to anyone coming in contact with them or their waste. Most pests will cause long term facility damage as well, further contaminating patient care areas. Equipment in the facility may also be compromised causing severe problems to patient care. Most hospital equipment is extremely expensive on a good day and damage to these vital tools can cause astronomical issues for everyone. 

Our Healthcare Pest Control Approach

At Ja-Roy, we strive to deliver long-lasting results that will protect your property all year long. We implement integrated pest management (IPM) techniques that use each information about each pest’s biology and habits to develop highly effective, customized services. Here’s how our process works:

  1. We’ll perform a meticulous inspection of your property, including your surrounding grounds
  2. Our technicians will identify any pest pressures and pinpoint what may be causing them
  3. We’ll help develop a custom healthcare pest control plan that meets your needs, is discreet, and adheres to all of your regulations
  4. Our experts will seal entry points and implement other exclusion methods to control sources of pests
  5. We’ll provide ongoing visits and aftercare tips to keep your property pest-free* for good

Safe Healthcare Commercial Pest Control

With Ja-Roy‘s experienced professionals ready to develop a comprehensive approach to pest management in your healthcare facility, contact us today. We guarantee peace of mind in your day-to-day operations, ensuring a pest-free* environment not only immediately after our treatment but for months and years to come.

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