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Nuisance Beetle Control Experts

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When it comes to pest problems, beetles may not be the first insect that comes to mind. However, certain beetle species can a major nuisance for home and business owners alike if they infest a property. From Asian lady beetles to powderpost beetles, these small pests can cause a lot of frustration. Getting rid of beetles on your own can be difficult, which is why it’s important to work with a professional beetle exterminator. The team at Ja-Roy Pest Control has 50 years of experience in beetle control and can keep you safe from infestations year-round.

Beetle Removal Services for YOUR HOME

Despite their best efforts to stay outdoors, beetles can occasionally make their way inside your home. They often can get in by latching onto furniture, firewood, or even inside of packages. Once inside, they spread quickly and can be difficult to get rid of on your own. Our beetle exterminators will work quickly and efficiently to tackle your beetle infestation. We know how to determine the source of the infestation as well as how to keep future beetles from invading.

How We Keep Beetles Away For Good

Whether you have Asian lady beetles or carpet beetles in your property, Ja-Roy Pest Control can help. We’ll implement the following steps to keep your home safe from beetles:

  1. Our specialists will thoroughly inspect your property to locate the source of the beetle infestation and identify the beetle species.
  2. We will apply beetle control products and apply exclusion methods where necessary.
  3. We will provide ongoing beetle control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Beetle Control for YOUR BUSINESS

Beetles have no room in your business, especially if you run a food establishment or manufacturing facility. Beetles can contaminate food, leading to food recalls or even a halt in operations. DIY beetle removal can be a gamble, making it important to always enlist the help of your local commercial pest control expert. Ja-Roy Pest Control has been providing effective and eco-friendly beetle control for 50 years.

Our licensed and trained beetle exterminators have what it takes to keep these nuisance beetles away from your business year-round.

When it comes to commercial pest control, it’s vital to work with a pest control company that has experience treating beetles on a large scale. We will set up a custom beetle pest control plan for the needs of your company.

Carpet beetles, powderpost beetles, and more can all be a nuisance, contaminating food and damaging gardens. We will protect your property year-round from beetles.

We know the importance of discretion when it comes to commercial pest control. If you have a beetle problem at your business, we’ll work with your schedule when it comes to extermination services.

Customers have been relying on our professional beetle control services in the Louisiana area for 50 years. We understand what it takes to control a beetle infestation and prevent beetles from coming back.

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