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When the temperatures start to decrease into winter here around Covington LA, the number of calls we get for mice and rats infesting peoples’ homes skyrockets. Mice need to stay warm just like us, and on top of that, colder temperatures means an inability to breed. When a few of them come running indoors to eat and nest in our comfortable homes, they can end up producing numbers of new mice that you wouldn’t believe without seeing it first. If you’re looking to learn about the breeding habits of mice and what you can do to stop them from taking over your home, read on for advice from the Ja-Roy Pest Control technicians!

How Quickly Can Mice Breed Inside?

Rodents, especially mice, are able to proliferate much more quickly than many other groups of animals in Southeastern LA. We’ve put together some information from our technicians concerning this:

  • Mouse mothers have a 25 day gestation period and are able to mate again right away after delivering their pups.
  • Female mice can rear up to 10 litters every year and up to 14 pups in a litter. They average around 40-50 pups a year.
  • Mouse pups are fully grown and ready to breed after just 4-6 weeks.

The quickness with which mice are able to reproduce means that an infestation of just a few mice can quickly turn into a total home takeover.

How to Stop Mice from Reproducing Indoors

It makes sense that the best way to prevent mice from breeding inside your home is to prevent them from finding their way inside to begin with. This does sound easier than it is, though. Mice have the ability to squeeze through holes the size of a dime! That’s why we understand when people call us with mouse infestations that are already brimming over. We have advice for those of you already dealing with mouse problems and those of you just wanting a headstart on the season:

  • Keeping mice away: Check around your home for any holes in the walls, cracks in roofing or plumbing fixtures, or openings in the foundation. You can seal these holes with a silicone-based caulk or place steel wool in the opening. Additionally, seal your trash bins, maintain your yard, and cut your grass short to prevent hiding places and food sources.
  • Removing mice: You can spray diluted peppermint oil or apple cider vinegar around mouse hotspots in your home to get them to leave. Kitty litter and fabric softener sheets can work too, but should be treated as secondary options for pinpointed areas. You might also consider traps, but be sure to consult your local rodent exterminator for advice on the safest options for your home and family.

Expert Mice Exterminators in Southeastern LA

If you can’t seem to keep mice out on your own or you’re looking to get ahead of mouse control this winter, talk to the techs at your local pest control company. Ja-Roy Pest Control is proud to offer exhaustive mice removal services that include inspections, baits and traps, preventative maintenance, and whatever we see fit to keep your home mouse-free, guaranteed. Contact us today for more information or a free quote!

How Quickly Can Mice Breed Inside Your House? in Southern Louisiana

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