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As a homeowner in Louisiana, you may be familiar with the potential risks of pest infestations in and around your property. Ja-Roy offers a range of services, including removal of bee nests and eradication of ant colonies, as well as comprehensive, round-the-clock pest control through our Year-Round Pest Protection Plan+. But did you know that there is a solution that can actively kill most insects without you having to lift a finger? TAP® Insulation not only provides protection against pests but also helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the hot Louisiana summer.

What is TAP® Insulation?

TAP insulation is made from cellulose, which is blown into attics or wall voids. The cellulose is made from around 80% recycled materials and treated with a special concentration of boric acid. It’s not harmful to humans or pets unless ingested in large quantities, but when insects come in contact with boric acid, the chemical coats their bodies and is then ingested when they groom themselves or each other. Once boric acid gets into an insect’s system, it cannot pass it, causing the pests to die of dehydration or malnutrition. This effectively stops an infestation before one gets a chance to form.

TAP® Pest Control Insulation: What to Consider

TAP insulation can effectively kill insects as small as ants or Formosan termites, or as big as cockroaches and most beetles. It continues to be effective almost indefinitely, giving you a defense for your home that you can rely on for decades to come. Additionally, TAP insulation is a high-quality insulator that can better cover a given surface area. It’s flame retardant, mold resistant, and can also slow the transfer of heat. This takes the strain off your HVAC systems and keeps you comfortable all year long.

However, no insulation is perfect. TAP insulation can be affected by large amounts of moisture. For example, if it’s in an attic in a home with a leak in the roof. Although it can resist mold, it may rot with water damage. And while it does have a higher R-value than fiberglass batting, it’s not quite as high as spray foam. Still, when installed correctly it does a great job absorbing sound from the outdoors, making your home more comfortable and killing insect pests. If your home is under-insulated and you live in a place with a lot of bugs, like Louisiana, this insulation can have a huge impact on your home’s comfort .

Preventative Pest Control from Ja-Roy

At Ja-Roy, we’ve been providing expert pest control for homes and businesses in the Louisiana area since 1971. We’re familiar with infestations of every scope and variety, but what we’d prefer is to keep pests from latching onto a property in the first place. That’s why we offer preventative services – not only to make your home more efficient but to provide a constant level of protection that can help you live more comfortably and pest-free*. All of that is possible with the help of Ja-Roy Pest Control. Contact us to learn more!

Why a Pest Control Company Installs Insulation in Southern Louisiana

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