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Is a pest problem in your residence or your business resisting your best efforts at controlling the invasion? When the placement of a few simple traps, sporadic use of ineffective household sprays or dangerous poisons provide only a temporary respite or the invasion persists and grows, the only real solution is to consult a licensed company for pest control. Hammond, LA to Covington and all across Tangipahoa and St. Tammany choose us to eliminate immediate problems and prevent them from returning.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is the agency responsible for enforcement and licensing. Reputable professional pest management companies will be not only licensed but also bonded and insured. They will provide a free inspections and estimates for exterminating pests and termites. Every home or building is different; Ja-Roy offers different treatment options to suit your home.

Regular pest control services include extermination of common household pests, e.g., roaches, ants, common spiders, earwigs, silverfish and rodents. Additionally, specialized services that are offered as a one-time service, include bees and other stinging insects, fleas, and animal control.

In Louisiana, professional pest control companies will provide estimates on the best treatment for your home or business. One option is placement of a liquid Termidor barrier in a trench dug around the perimeter of your home. Another option is placement of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System bait stations around your property with regular inspection and re-baiting by a trained professional.

Modern pest control companies utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods designed as a partnership between homeowners and pest professionals to protect your property and the health and quality of life your family or employees from pest-associated threats. IPM is a strategy designed to pose a minimum hazard to people and the environment. Treatment is directed at outside sources of infestations and entry points to create a “treated zone” around your property and indoor nesting sites utilizing the most scientifically advanced techniques based on physical, biological and chemical methods.

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IPM methods include formation of physical barriers for thresholds, window casings, cracks, crevices, eaves, the attic and crawl spaces. Finally, EPA registered pesticides are used in the safest formulations and in treatment protocols to achieve maximum effect at minimum risk to homeowners. Our understanding of pest life cycles allows a more dynamic approach to pest control. Hammond, LA businesses and residents can rely on our staff to use pesticides safely for homes, businesses and industrial sites.

Don’t experiment with “do-it-yourself” products. It takes a professional with a detailed understanding of the chemicals involved to minimize negative environmental effects.


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