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Moles are mammals that may appear harmless but can cause a lot of destruction. If you’ve noticed raised ridges in your landscape, chances are the culprit is a mole. These unique creatures tunnel underground, which can nearly destroy gardens, landscaping, and more. Most common to Louisiana is the eastern mole, which is no bigger than 8 inches. Because these animals can be unpredictable, it’s important to always contact a professional for mole trapping and removal.

What do moles look like?

Although moles live underground, it’s important to know how to identify them. Some of their identifiable traits include:

  • These subterranean mammals typically have velvety fur that is brown or gray in color.
  • Eastern moles are usually 5–8 inches long.
  • They possess distinctive snouts and tiny eyes.
  • Moles are most identifiable by their enlarged front feet with well-developed claws that aid in their digging.

Do moles bite?

If a mole has emerged in your yard, you may be worried that they will bite your kids or pets. Moles are fairly harmless and although they have some teeth, they’re typically only used to eat grubs. Although they don’t pose a serious threat to humans, they nonetheless need to be handled before they cause serious damage to your yard. Because the most efficient way to remove a mole is by literally catching it and releasing it elsewhere, it’s absolutely necessary to call in the help of a local pest control company.

Mole trapping & removal services

Getting rid of moles can be tricky once they begin to burrow on your property. At Ja-Roy, our wildlife removal experts use humane, environmentally responsible methods that are in accordance with your local regulations. This may include creating barriers around lawns and gardens or trapping the moles. We will also return if the problem isn’t taken care of in one visit.

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Mole Trapping & Removal in Southern Louisiana

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