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At Ja-Roy Pest Control, we are proud to have restored many of our customers’ spider-infested homes to a peaceful, pest-free* state. However, we want to encourage people to learn more about spiders. Although a healthy fear of the more dangerous spiders in Covington LA is encouraged, most spiders in our area would only hurt a fly! The more you know about these fascinating creatures, the more you might come to like them.

10 Facts About Spiders You Should Know

  1. They’re everywhere: It is likely that you are no more than 10 feet away from the nearest spider right now! Nothing to worry about, though, because spiders would much rather avoid confrontation than be caught in the open.
  2. There are thousands of species: Over 35,000, actually! Experts expect that we will discover many more in the coming years, too.
  3. Spiders are dancers: Many male spiders perform an arm-waving, scuttling and scurrying dance routine when trying to court a female. This process of capturing the female’s attention can last almost an hour!
  4. Spiders give gifts: In addition to or instead of a dance, some male spiders will offer a desired mate a bug wrapped in silk as a gift. However, female spiders have to be careful, because some males will cut corners by wrapping up leaves or other stuff that they find.
  5. Female spiders are hostile: Whether before, during, or after copulation, the females of many spider species will eat or bite off the head of their male counterpart to kill them. They often use the male as food for their eventual offspring.
  6. Most spiders can’t hurt you: All spiders are venomous, but it takes a lot of venom to do considerable damage to a human.
  7. Spider silk is liquid: Spider silk sits in the spider’s spinning gland as a liquid before it is ejected into the air. It is its contact with the air that forms it into solid, thin stands.
  8. Spider silk beats steel: Spider webs are only as flimsy as they are because of the density of the strands that they spin. Their silk is actually 5 times stronger than steel!
  9. Silk is used in many ways: On top of building webs to catch insects, some spiders make tunnels and nests with their silk, spin long lines to walk across, or use it to float through the air.
  10. Spider muscles don’t work like ours: Spiders can only retract their muscles. To push their legs back out again, they pump a special fluid through them that extends them. This fluid also allows some spiders to jump great distances.

Spider Control Professionals in Covington LA

Even though most spiders want nothing to do with you, it’s important to be able to identify and prevent the most dangerous spiders in Covington, like brown recluses and black widows. Even then, we understand that having a spider infestation in your home can be quite distressing, no matter what species. If you are in need of spider removal or extermination services, reach out to our team at Ja-Roy Pest Control today for a free quote!

Our Top 10 Facts About Spiders in Southern Louisiana

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