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A tick found in Covington LA - Ja-Roy Pest ControlThe experience of finding a tick trying to lodge itself into your skin is one of the most unsettling pest problems in Covington LA. What’s even worse is the potential to contract Lyme disease from their bites. Ticks lurk all around the shaded and vegetated corners of our region, waiting for their opportunity to sneak up on potential hosts. This makes it crucial to learn how to avoid them and the potential of dealing with the dangers of their bites. For advice on protecting yourself, your family, and your pets from tick bites, read on for advice from the technicians at Ja-Roy Pest Control.

Learn About Lyme Disease

Deer ticks, also called blacklegged ticks, are the species that carry Borrelia burgdorferi, which is the bacterium that leads to Lyme disease in humans and animals. People most often contract the bacteria after being bitten by a deer tick nymph. Because the nymphs are only 2 mm long, they are much smaller and less noticeable than adult ticks. When biting, deer ticks inject saliva with anesthetic properties into the site of the bite to prevent their hosts from feeling anything.

If you contract Lyme disease, the first symptoms you will notice are exhaustion, headaches, fever, rashes, and pain in your joints and muscles. If left untreated, your symptoms will progress into nerve damage and arthritis, so it’s important to speak to a medical professional if you’re noticing any of the initial symptoms and believe them to be related to a recent tick bite.

How to Avoid Tick Bites

Ticks don’t only go after humans. In fact, they are much better suited for latching onto small animals that pass by them in their hiding places. This means that your pets and dogs are even more vulnerable to tick bites. Remember these steps to keep your family and pets same from tick bites:

  • When hiking or taking a walk outdoors, stay on the trail and keep your pets on leashes
  • Wear long pants and socks to limit exposed skin on your legs
  • Perform a tick check on people and pets when returning inside
  • If you find a tick latching on, don’t remove it with your hands. Use a pair of tweezers to pinch the tick close to the base of the skin and carefully draw it out.

Tick Control in Covington LA

You shouldn’t be finding ticks on yourself or your pets regularly. If your kids or pets are coming back from spending time in the yard with ticks on their legs, you might have a tick problem on your property. In this case, reach out to the expert tick exterminators at Ja-Roy Pest Control. Our technicians can inspect your yard to find vulnerabilities and problem areas, using their findings to draw up a plan for a barrier spray treatment that will keep ticks out of your yard for months. Reach out today for a free estimate on our tick control services!

Keep Safe from Ticks & Lyme Disease in Southern Louisiana

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