Ants on a kitchen floor

Of all the pests that we commonly deal with around Covington LA, ants are some of the most notorious for their relentless nature. We’ve all had to deal with some ants at some point in our lives, and many of us have had the realization that they’re not easy to get rid of.

Why is it that ants always come inching back when we think we’ve gotten rid of them? There are a few different answers to this question, and it could even come down to the ways that you’re trying to get rid of them. If you’re looking for expert advice on the best ways to get rid of ants in the house, read on to learn from our ant exterminators at Ja-Roy Pest Control!

Why Doesn’t My DIY Ant Control Work?

The issue with the ant control strategies that homeowners often take is that they focus on what’s immediately present. When you find a trail of ants crawling up your wall, you might jump to squash them or use a spray to take them out. There are two problems with this approach: they fail to address the source of the problem, and they might actually make your infestation worse. When ants die, they release a pheromone that warns their colony members of a dangerous area. The other ants will avoid this location and look for alternative entry points into your home. Because ants are such small and stealthy insects, there are probably dozens of points of access they could make use of!

Reliable Ant Removal Strategies

At this point, you’re probably wondering what measures you should be taking to get rid of the ants in your home. We recommend addressing your ant infestation where it matters by removing attractive factors and finding where they’re coming from. Take these three steps to get rid of ants in your home:

  • Trace their path: Finding where your ants are coming from is the most important part. If you discover their entryway into your home, block it off with caulk, a screen, or a citrus-based cleaning solution, depending on what the entry point is.
  • Keep them from food and water: Ants will take advantage of crumbs, spills, open food, and pooling water wherever they find it in your home. Make sure you’re cleaning up properly, sealing your food, and keeping your bathroom and kitchen properly ventilated.
  • Hire an expert: A pro ant control technician can trace your infestation back to the anthill that’s causing the problem. Getting rid of anthills in your yard is the only way to ensure ants don’t come back, and professional ant exterminators have the experience and tools to do this.

Expert Home Ant Control in Covington LA

If the ants in your home keep coming back and you feel like you’re out of luck, reach out to your local ant control company. Our team of technicians at Ja-Roy Pest Control is trained to the highest standards of the industry and equipped with EPA-registered products. We can get rid of all ant colonies in your yard and teach you how to keep ants out of your home going forward. Reach out today for a free quote!

Why Are Ants Coming Back Inside Still? in Southern Louisiana

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