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So you have some kind of pest infestation in your home, and you’re considering buying a pest control product to tackle the problem on your own. Why not? It’s cheaper and quicker than arranging an appointment with a professional technician, and it’s just as good – isn’t it?

The inconvenient truth is that, while DIY pesticides seem like an easy money-saving hack, they can actually result in far more damage than they’re worth. That’s why if you’re considering this approach, you need to make sure you understand the downsides involved so you can take measures to minimize the risk to yourself, your family, and your home. 

DIY Pest Control: What You Might Not Know

You know by now that you can’t trust everything you see in commercials and other promotions. That shiny new pest control solution may look appealing and boast a shockingly cheap price tag, but they come with problems conveniently glossed over in the ads. It might be they overuse the wrong kinds of chemical pesticides and kill beneficial insects. Or, even more frustratingly, they might just not work to begin with.

Even if the DIY pest control isn’t a scam, that doesn’t make it that much safer for someone without experience. Did you know that the most common cause of injury in pest control comes from misuse or careless use of pesticides? A close second is the injuries that come from coming in contact with the insect itself. Even something as simple as a bug zapper can put you and your household at risk if you haven’t properly reviewed the instructions. As with all products in this field, it’s absolutely vital to read all instructions before use. Pesticides are meant to be taken seriously, or else you open yourself up to a whole realm of trouble.

DIY Pest Control Can Risk Others’ Safety

If you misuse pesticides, even without intending to, you could still be held liable for your practices. This might look like trapping pests in a building without the right safety precautions or even just spraying pest-killing chemicals in a room without sufficient ventilation. These are all minor slip-ups that could potentially hurt you or someone on your property, and because of that, it comes with legal repercussions. The same applies if you attempt to eradicate a species that’s endangered and legally protected.

Chemicals in Pesticides

Even if you do everything right, exposing yourself or a loved one to pesticides can result in a range of adverse health risks. More than that, if your pesticide use leaks into a water source you could potentially contaminate the ecosystem of your entire neighborhood. You don’t want to hurt any birds or fish that might make use of your tainted water, so it’s vital that you only apply the recommended amount of pesticide for the situation at hand. In times like these it must be said that more does not mean better.

When not in use pesticides should be kept away from any consumables in your home. They should also be kept away from the reach of children or pets, and only used in areas that are ventilated enough to allow the chemicals to properly dissipate.

Health and Safety Risks

Do-it-yourself pest control comes with several health and safety issues that must be taken into consideration. If you live with pregnant women or young children, for instance, it’s highly advised they stay away from any space where pesticides have recently been used. And while you’re in the process of home pest control you should always wear gloves and protective clothing, along with masks and eye goggles if you’re coming into direct contact with rats and other pests. This reduces the chance of bites or stings. Then, once you’ve cleared out the infestation, sanitation is absolutely vital to make sure you don’t attract more pests to take their place.

By now you may have gathered that home pest control is a little more complicated than you may have initially thought. Luckily you don’t have to work on your own. There are professional exterminators that have trained and worked to handle any swarm you could imagine. And if you’re in the Northshore area, Ja-Roy is the best source for a clean house and peace of mind.

Pest Control You Can Trust

Ja-Roy has been leading the pack in terms of pest exterminations since 1971. For homes and businesses in and around Covington LA, we’ve been able to make sure bugs and rodents get out and stay out. We don’t use more toxic materials than what’s absolutely necessary, and what we do use will never hurt anything that’s supposed to be there. We’re happy to show you what it means to live pest-free* without the hassle, so contact us today for a free quote!

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