Signs of an ant infestation

Seeing a couple of ants here and there is completely normal. So how do you know when you’re dealing with a full-blown ant infestation? Depending on the ant species, there are a number of things to look for that may signal an ant problem. Even seeing a few ants can be a clue that there are many more hiding in your home. For that reason alone, it’s always best to enlist the help of an ant exterminator sooner rather than later. Read on to learn the top signs of an ant problem in your home.

Identifying the signs of ant infestations

As with all pests, seeing ants in your home is the number one sign that you have an infestation. But how many ants are normal, and how many signals a larger problem? Some of the signs that indicate you may have an infestation include:

  • Ant trails: Many ants leave a scent trail to food sources that help other colony members locate the food. Seeing a pathway of ants is a major sign you have an infestation.
  • Ant nests: Although often hidden, ant nests may look like piles of soil or dirt.
  • Wood shavings: When dealing with carpenter ants, they will leave piles of wood shavings from their destructive habits.
  • Dirt piles: Outside, ants will leave small piles of dirt around their nest, indicating that you have an ant problem on your property.

Are ants dangerous?

Although they aren’t as dangerous as other types of insects or pests, ants are known to carry and transmit bacteria. Certain species, such as the pharaoh ant, have been proven to spread salmonella, streptococcus, and other dangerous organisms. Some ants have been known to bite or sting as well, although they are rarely serious.

For the most part, ants are not a harmful pest. The true danger comes from carpenter ants, who target wooden belongings inside homes or the structure of properties. No matter what type of ant you’re dealing with, it’s best to get professional help from an ant exterminator.

Ant infestation inspections

When you enlist the help of the experts at Ja-Roy, you can rest assured we will control any ant problem you’re currently experiencing, as well as prevent future ones from forming! Left untreated, a few ants in your home will soon turn to hundreds if you don’t get treatment from a professional pest control company.

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Signs of an Ant Infestation in Southern Louisiana

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