Bed bug treatment

Bed bugs are infamous for needing extensive treatment to control. The first—and most important—step in treating bed bugs is conducting a thorough inspection. The bed bug exterminators at Ja-Roy are proud to offer detailed inspections that are successful in locating any bed bug activity prior to treatment. Our approach to getting rid of bed bugs is to effectively kill them with minimal disruption to your home or business environment. In order to achieve this, we are proud to offer the industry’s best bed bug treatment options, from industrial heat thermal extermination to more traditional treatment options. You can trust that with our help, you will be bed bug-free in no time!

Our Bed Bug Treatment Solutions

Typical bed bug treatment involves the use of environmentally responsible products, which are applied in addition to steam treatments. This treatment option is relatively more time-consuming and causes a bit of disruption in the home. Because of this, it’s not always the preferred treatment option. Exterminating bed bugs using conventional methods requires a minimum of three intense treatments, which are usually scheduled two weeks apart. Fumigation is another bed bug treatment option typically saved for the most problematic infestations. The property is tented while the entire interior is treated with a product called Vikane. Our preferred option is bed bug heat treatment.

How Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

Treating bed bugs with heat, or thermal remediation involves the use of extreme heat measures to kill off bed bugs. The use of specially designed, heat-generating equipment creates and maintains a precise high temperature that keeps bed bugs from surviving and their eggs from hatching. Bed bug heat treatment is safe, environmentally responsible, and less invasive than other types of bed bug treatment. Some of the benefits of industrial heat thermal extermination include: 

  • Eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development, from eggs to adult bed bugs
  • Can be completed in a single treatment and a single day
  • Reach and exterminate bed bugs in areas that are not visible or accessible
  • Leaves no residue behind

What to do with bed bug-infested furniture

One of the main questions we get when it comes to bed bug treatment is whether or not you need to throw out your mattress after an infestation is discovered. Because bed bugs are likely in areas of your home other than the bed, it would be unwise to buy a new mattress before ensuring your property is bed bug-free. The bed bug exterminators at Ja-Roy do not treat mattresses with a product but instead offer mattress encasements, which entomb the bed bugs. This allows you to keep your mattresses and prevents bed bugs from infesting the mattress again.

Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments

To control bed bugs, we will use the best bed bug treatment options to eradicate this pest from your home or business, attacking every crack and cranny they can hide in. No matter what type of treatment our bed bug exterminators use, Ja-Roy is dedicated to completely removing the infestation from your property and making sure bed bugs do not return. For that reason, we will continue to treat your home until you are bed bug-free. To set up an appointment, call our team today!

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Bed Bug Treatment Options in Southern Louisiana

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