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Who's At Risk of Getting Bed Bugs in Louisiana?

Since their resurgence in the 1990s, anyone is at risk of getting bed bugs. Visiting high risk areas such as hotels, schools, dorms, office buildings and movie theaters can lead to an infestation.

Those that are at the highest risk of getting bed bugs include:

  • College students
  • Recent travelers
  • Used furniture buyers
  • Anyone that has visited an infested area
Woman looking out window of hotel next to bed with orange pillows

Bed Bug Risks in Hotels

Bed bug infestations in hotels are on the rise as more people travel the globe. Unfortunately, hotels are a prime location for bed bugs. With a constant flow of hosts checking in and out of hotel rooms, bed bugs always have a blood meal nearby.  Bed bugs inside one hotel room can spread quickly to other rooms, leading to an infested hotel. 

To avoid picking up bed bugs in a hotel, always do your research and read lodging reviews. Also, inspect the mattress and furniture in the room, and store your suitcase above ground or in the bathtub, away from the reach of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Infestations in Dorm Rooms

Just like hotels, due to the constant turnover of occupants, bed bugs love dorm rooms. With so many people in one building, bed bugs can quickly spread throughout student housing units. If a student discovers bed bugs, it’s important that they report the early signs of an infestation right away. When returning home for the holidays or summer vacation, ensure your college student’s suitcase is thoroughly cleaned before storing it away.

Can Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs?

Anyone can get bed bugs! Bed bugs do not discriminate and infest tidy homes, as well as, messy homes. Worse still, they can survive a whole year without a blood meal. Bed bugs are opportunists and will hitch a ride to new areas, to start an infestation. Even if you think you aren’t at risk of getting bed bugs, it’s important to know the signs of an infestation and to take cautionary measures to prevent them.

Who’s At Risk of Getting Bed Bugs? in Southern Louisiana

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