Mosquito spotted in Baton Rouge LA - Ja-Roy Pest ControlMany Louisiana residents have been out for a walk in the early evening and had their stroll interrupted by fogger crews. They move up and down public streets spraying clouds of fog and making noise with their equipment. At first glance, this activity might seem unsafe, but mosquito fogging can only take place using EPA-approved products and under government authority. Still, it’s fair for this type of activity to warrant concern. What are they actually accomplishing, and how does it work?

How Mosquito Foggers Work

Mosquito fogging works by introducing a small amount of pesticide to the air in areas of high mosquito activity. It works very well to eliminate active mosquitoes, but it is not a complete solution to ongoing mosquito infestations. While its effects linger for around three days after application, it quickly loses its potency and the area will have to be retreated.

Routine treatments might have people concerned for their health, but you should remember that the amount of pesticide used in fogging products is not nearly enough to harm a human. The pesticide solution used in mosquito fogging is actually considered to be less potent than solutions used on many kinds of crops. Fogging practices are also heavily regulated by the EPA and local government.

How Long Is Mosquito Fog Effective For?

Fogging can take effect within minutes when used against adult mosquitoes, but it doesn’t affect larva or eggs. Mosquitoes that are hidden away are able to avoid the effects of the fog, which is why fogging usually takes place in the evening when mosquitoes are most active. Its effects will last for a few days, so it shouldn’t be happening every night, but some cities will plan routine treatments and provide you with a schedule.

Some mosquito control alternatives that don’t use pesticide include:

  • Removing or covering standing water in areas of active mosquitoes
  • Setting up mosquito nets
  • Using fans in outdoor areas, and more

When to Fog for Mosquitoes in Louisiana

Fogging should be done in the evening when most mosquitoes go out to feed. Keep in mind that most local governments are not obligated to let you know ahead of time if they have scheduled mosquito fogging, but many will issue an announcement as a courtesy. If you have any worries about avoiding mosquito fogging procedures, contact your authorities and ask to see their schedule.

If you are noticing an increase in mosquitoes in your area and no foggings are planned for the near future, reach out to your local pest control company. The mosquito specialists at Ja-Roy Pest Control can set up a custom plan to tackle your unique outbreak. For a free quote, contact us today!

Do Mosquito Foggers Work? in Southern Louisiana

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