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How Do You Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally?

With all types of pest problems, many homeowners try to use the most natural products possible to get rid of the infestation. While some all-natural or DIY methods may work for small mosquito problems or for prevention purposes, they likely will not work for a major infestation. The easiest, most natural ways to keep mosquitoes away naturally are as follows.

  1. Eliminate standing water on or near your property.
  2. Install fans in your outdoor area.
  3. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants in light colors.
  4. Try essential oils, including lemon eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint.
How do you keep mosquitoes away naturally?

Natural Mosquito Prevention Tips

The most reliable, natural way to keep mosquitoes away is to reduce the things in your yard that would attract mosquitoes in the first place. Here’s how to naturally prevent mosquitoes:

  1. Get rid of all sources of standing water. This most often collects in birdbaths, pools, children’s playsets, buckets, and more. Make sure to tip over or cover standing water regularly.
  2. In addition, mosquitoes are weak fliers and thus hate windy environments. Turning on a fan when you are in your backyard is a great way to repel mosquitoes naturally.

DIY Mosquito Repellents

Essential oils can be natural repellents by masking your natural scent. It’s always important to dilute essential oils with carrier oils and to perform a skin patch test to ensure no reactions are had. Here’s what we know about the following DIY mosquito repellents and remedies:

  1. Lemon eucalyptus oil. Both the CDC and the EPA have classified lemon eucalyptus as a mosquito repellent. It’s important to note that it has not been approved on kids younger than three years old.
  2. Peppermint oil. When mixed with a carrier oil (such as olive or canola), peppermint is a fragrant oil that can possibly keep mosquitoes at bay.
  3. Catnip oil: Derived from catnip with steam distillation, catnip oil is EPA-approved and said to provide up to seven hours of protection against mosquitoes.
  4. Lavender oil: As another very fragrant oil, studies have shown that lavender is effective at repelling adult mosquitoes and bites.

Other Natural Mosquito Prevention Methods

There is information online claiming that vitamin B and coconut oil can repel mosquitoes. Despite claims that taking vitamin B will repel mosquitoes over time, all research and studies have found that it does not have an effect on mosquitoes. Similar studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of coconut oil. While not found to be effective on its own, topical applications of coconut oil on the skin combined with essential oils could help to repel mosquitoes. In any case, always speak with your doctor before attempting to use any DIY mosquito repellents.

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