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Cockroaches are pesky little creatures. No one wants them evading their home. Many cockroach eliminating solutions exist—one of the most common being physical removal or squashing.  While this seems like a good idea, some question if it makes problems worse.

That’s why we’ve created this post. In it, we’ll discuss the common belief that squashing cockroaches releases their eggs and causes rapid reproduction. We’ll also discuss common ways to rid your home—once and for all—of cockroaches.

Cockroaches and Their Eggs

Squashing a cockroach will not release its eggs.

Cockroaches use an ootheca—or hard case—to bundle their eggs. The ootheca is deposited and attached to numerous surfaces around a home. When they’re ready to hatch, they do so. In most species, the eggs are neither stored nor hatched inside the mother cockroach. In the few species that do store their eggs in the above-mentioned fashion, all of the eggs are killed when a cockroach is squashed. Thus, you never have to worry about spreading eggs or worsening a problem when you squash cockroaches.

Tips (Besides Squashing) to Rid Your Home of Cockroaches

Thoroughly Clean Your Home—Especially the Kitchen!

A thorough home cleaning is a great way to get rid of cockroaches.

A thorough kitchen cleaning is the best way to get rid of cockroaches.

Cockroaches are scavengers. They look for—and find—constant food supplies. A dirty kitchen that’s full of food crumbs and scraps is the best place for cockroaches to call home. This is why it’s imperative that your kitchen is kept clean by sweeping, mopping, or even vacuuming. If necessary, use an antibacterial spray in areas that are especially dirty.

Eliminate Water Sources

Cockroaches need water to survive. If they don’t have it, they’ll die within a week. Leaky sinks, pipes, and refrigerators ensure that cockroaches survive in your home. It’s important to look for—and fix—any and all water leaks.

Look for and Seal Entry Points

Cockroaches don’t need large entry points. Most times, they enter through tiny holes that go unnoticed. It’s important that you look for these types of holes—and then seal them. Common areas where holes are found include:

  • Pipes
  • Baseboards
  • Doors
  • Windows

These should all be checked fairly regularly. By doing so, you’ll be putting your home at a drastically decreased risk of invasion.

Take out Your Trash

As previously mentioned, cockroaches look for a constant food supply. This can be left behind crumbs and food scraps, but it can also be your trash. Ensure cockroaches don’t find meals in your trash by constantly taking them out and always keeping an extra tight lid on the can.

Use Baits and Traps

When combined with the above-mentioned tips, baits and traps ensure cockroaches will no longer dwell in your home. By killing cockroaches, baits and traps can eliminate an entire cockroach population. Store-bought baits and traps are common and effective. Homemade ones are also used.

Clean Your Garage and Yard

Most people don’t realize how dirty garages and yards can be. Because of this, cleaning them is oftentimes neglected. Cockroach populations will thrive in dirty garages and yards. Keep them clean, organized, and free of trash, clutter, and debris.

Squashing cockroaches doesn’t release their eggs. Feel free to do it. Also, use the tips provided above to rid your home of dirty, pesky cockroaches once and for all. The effort is worth the reward.

If these tips do not rid your home of cockroaches, contact us to learn more about our effective cockroach control plans.

Myth or Fact? —Squashing a Cockroach Releases its Eggs in Southern Louisiana

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