Pine Snake


Actual Size: As small as 2′ long but can grow as large as 8′ long.

Characteristics: Most are white, yellow, or light gray. They often have dark, squarish, blotches on the sides and back. These blotches are darkest at the head and lightest at the tail.

Habitat: Pine snakes don’t like swamps or wetlands. Their favorite habitats include pine and oak forests, fields, scrublands, and sandy soil.


  • Huge and powerful snakes that are fortunately not venomous.
  • Favorite foods include rodents and eggs.
  • Pine snakes nest in loose soil and spend about 60% of their time underground.

Pine Snakes in Louisiana

Pine snakes can grow to huge sizes. An average of 6’ long and up to 8’, they’re one of the largest snake species in North America. True to their name, they’re often found in pine or dry coniferous forests. They feed on rodents, small mammals, birds and their eggs, lizards, and insects. Pine snakes will often invade animal burrows hunting for their next meal. Once it finds its prey, it uses an unusual technique to kill it, pressing the animal against the wall of the burrow with its large, strong body.

Pine Snakes Habitat

Pine snakes prefer to make their homes in wooded areas, prairies, and coastal areas. They don’t like wetland areas, so you’re less likely to find one nearby. Pine snakes like to spend much of their time in hiding, so they spend their days underground. Despite not having any arms or hands, pine snakes excavate their own burrows, although they’ll also take over an abandoned one in certain circumstances.

Pine Snakes Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Pine snakes are reclusive creatures, so bites are uncommon. However, if you do run into one, be careful. They are known as extremely aggressive snakes, able to deliver a powerful strike. Pine snakes hiss very loudly and vibrate their tails before striking. Although they are  non-venomous, the bites can still be very painful.

If you are having an issue with pine snakes on your property, we strongly recommend contacting a professional wildlife control company for removal.