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Rats are some of the most dangerous pest problems for home and business owners. While any type of rat in your property can wreak havoc, there are two nuisance rats in our region that are particularly troublesome: the Norway rat and the roof rat. These pests account for many of the calls we get in the fall and winter months, as rodents look to enter homes and escape the dropping temperatures outdoors. But just how do you know when you’re dealing with a roof rat vs Norway rat? The rodent control experts at Ja-Roy are here to help—read on to learn all you need to know about differentiating these rodents!

Do You Have Roof Rats or Norway Rats?

Both of these nuisance rats are common in households and businesses in our region. While they both pose many of the same threats, it’s important to be able to tell them apart in order to effectively get rid of them. Here’s how to tell apart these two nuisance rats:

  • Roof rat vs Norway rat appearance: The roof rat is smaller in size than the Norway rat, but has a much longer tail. It is also typically darker in color. The Norway rat has a thick body and smaller ears and eyes.
  • Roof rat vs Norway rat droppings: One of the easiest ways to differentiate these two rodents is by looking at their droppings; roof rat droppings are small and tapered, while Norway rat droppings are larger and rounded.
  • Roof rat vs Norway rat habits: True to name, roof rats gain access to homes via roofs and prefer to nest in attics and soffits. Norway rats are known to dig and burrow, which is how they can get inside of homes and businesses.

Roof rat vs Norway rat infographic

Are Norway Rats and Roof Rats Dangerous?

Both of these rodents can be a threat to your property. In addition to nesting inside your home or business, they can wreak havoc. Of the utmost concern is the fact that rodents can cause a health hazard: their droppings can spread dangerous germs and bacteria. These rats can become dangerous when they look to chew on electrical wires in the home, causing a fire hazard. Lastly, roof rats and Norway rats alike can create an absolute mess in your home with their nesting habits, which can be a hassle to clean up.

What Diseases Do Rats Carry?

One of the biggest concerns with a rat infestation is the potential spread of disease. In fact, rodents are one of the pests most responsible for the spread of germs and bacteria, mostly through their droppings. Although neither roof rats or Norway rats can spread Hantavirus, they are responsible for spreading other types of disease. Here’s what to know:

  1. Roof rats have been known to carry or transmit rat-bite fever, salmonella, trichinosis, and even bubonic plague.
  2. In addition to the above diseases, Norway rats can reportedly also carry or transmit typhus, Weil’s disease, and toxoplasmosis.

Need Help Identifying the Roof Rat vs Norway Rat?

No matter what type of rat you are dealing with, it’s recommended to get the opinion and help of a professional rodent exterminator. Our experts can help identify what type of rat is in your property, and implement proper extermination and exclusion efforts from there.

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Roof Rat vs Norway Rat in Southern Louisiana

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