Spider crawling across floor in Louisiana

In the corners of your home, in your basement or attic, in crawl spaces, or anywhere left undisturbed, you can be sure to find one thing: spiders. The good news is most of the spiders that call Louisiana home are harmless. The bad news is these 8-legged creepy crawlies are active every season. There’s a long-standing myth that summer is when you can expect to see the most spider activity, but this is only true of a few species like the giant house spider, and the orb weaver. Every season brings with it different challenges for the business and homeowners of Louisiana. 


Pests are more active in summer, having grown in numbers and established their homes. More pests means more predators. So, while summer is not when most spiders are active, they will find their way into the milder temperatures of your home in search of their food sources. In summer you are more likely to encounter large groups of Daddy Longlegs along the shady sides of buildings, this is also when Black Widows will lay multiple sacs of eggs. Keep doors closed and repair any damaged screens to ward off summertime invasion. 


Believe it or not, this is actually the most prolific time for spiders. Eggs laid in spring have hatched and matured into fully grown spiders now searching for a mate. Wolf Spiders have been known to enter homes during this season, so we recommend keeping grass mowed and leaf piles disposed of quickly as these are their preferred hunting grounds. 


Spiders do not hibernate, and some even produce a glycol compound that acts like antifreeze to help them survive the low temperatures of winter. Eggs laid at this time require warmth, so you’ll notice more activity around pipes, under sinks, and extra webbing as they insulate their egg sacs. Southern House Spider and Cellar Spider are most active at this time, so be sure to dust and clean high spaces, and repair cracks or holes along walls, to discourage their inhabitancy.  


Emerging from winter hiding spots, spring is when most spider species are laying eggs, and when fall/winter sacs are hatching. Hobo Spider eggs are hatching, and Brown Recluse activity is most reported at this time. Be sure to inspect windows, screens, cracks/gaps in building foundations, and gaps/space between doors and doorframes to keep these typically shy but potentially dangerous housemates out. 

Spiders Are Out, Peace of Mind is In 

At Ja-Roy Pest Control, we understand that no home or business owner wants to worry about what may be lurking in the corners. Spiders are active year-round, and so are we. With over 50 years of experience serving our community, our expertly trained team has the quickest and most effective spider pest control service in the area. Say goodbye to spiders and hello to peace of mind, call Ja-Roy Pest Control today! 

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