As you have probably unfortunately learned, when trying to fight an insect infestation you’ll find yourself resorting to any tools you can get your hands on. A popular method of getting rid of bugs outdoors is to use foggers, but what kind are best for removing pests? What about the new automatic foggers, are they any better than the traditional kind?

Automated Systems

Fogging is a proven method for getting rid of insects, but not necessarily a straightforward one. A small amount of pesticide is included in a smoke or fog mixture that can adhere to an insect’s wings and poison them, but the amount of insecticide used is so low or incorrectly applied that often times, an insect will only be stunned. Also, if you over fog a large area, it could make breathing difficult for people.

Fogging is typically done in the early evening, when the temperature has cooled and insects are just starting to become active. This is the perfect time to fog them and incapacitate them. However, if done too early or too late, the fog might not have the effect you’re looking for, and you may run into problems.

This is why having an automated system is especially helpful. When people attempt to fog on their own, they might unevenly distribute the fog, or release it at the wrong time. By having an automated system, you guarantee that the fog will be released when and where you want it to be.

Also, when using an automated system, you can actually save money. Typically when people use foggers, they don’t tend to pay attention to how much chemical they are spraying, and often times use far too much. With the Coastal Mister, this is never a problem. The systems carefully release an appropriate amount of fog to waylay insects and make the evening bearable again.


Spraying insecticide can have its advantages, in that you are delivering a more concentrated dose of poison to your pests. The chemicals have a stronger chance of killing the insects in the area, but there are drawbacks to using a straight spray.

Sprays tend to cover a smaller area than fog, which means you have to use more of them. They can also prove more harmful to other wildlife, as you are laying down a concentrated dose of poison in areas where other creatures might live and eat. Depending on the formula, sprays also have a better chance (albeit a small one) of getting into the local groundwater, and are generally only effective soon after they are applied. As you can probably tell, they aren’t nearly as effective as other methods.

Many places that spray will do so at certain times of day, hoping to catch as many insects still on the ground as they can. This doesn’t do anything for insects that are underground, or that are missed by the initial spraying. It also doesn’t help with the airborne insects that fogging can catch. Sprays are great for their higher fatality rate, but the time involved with laying down a good coating of spray can be both costly and tedious.

Which is Better?

In short, spraying is an effective means of killing bugs, but it doesn’t have the range or the effectiveness of a fogging. It can be costlier, not as comprehensive, and not have the long-term effect throughout the evening that fogging can have. This may be the best choice for concentrated areas of insects, but is not the most effective repetitive means of outdoor pest control especially over large areas.

Fogging and spraying both have their advantages, but fogging wins for outdoor venues. Not only is it easier on the people using the facility, it’s easier on the pocketbook. When you incorporate an automatic fogging system, it can be even more beneficial, and will help to permanently keep the insect population in your area to a minimum.

You shouldn’t have to fear being eaten alive by bugs when you go for a walk at night. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself and your surroundings, and fogging ranks high on that list. With an automatic system for distributing fog, you’ll know that you are getting the best coverage for your efforts.

Rest assured that you won’t have to worry about timing, areas, or human error ever again. With an automatic fogging system like the Coastal Mister, you can finally take back the night. For more information about this or any of our services, contact the experts at Ja-Roy today!

Automated System vs. Spraying: What’s the Advantage? in Southern Louisiana

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