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What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes will flock to places where they can reproduce. This is why we often find mosquitoes around standing water. Ponds, pools, marshes, and many other places that might be near your home will draw them in. 

When they are trying to feed, mosquitoes will use blood, scent, breath, and even blood type to find a host. It is still unknown why some people are “mosquito magnets”, but we do know that mosquitoes will gladly feed on any available host that they can find.

What attracts mosquitoes?

Why Are There Mosquitoes On My Property?

Mosquitoes like to hang around by standing water. In the warm seasons in Louisiana, you’ll likely find mosquitoes in a number of areas around your yard. Most often, mosquitoes can be seen near bird baths, ponds, garden planters, gutters, pools, spas, and more. If they find stagnant water, they will happily lay their eggs there, regardless of the size of the source. Mosquitoes are most active in the spring and summer, so you should see more of them in your yard during these seasons.

What Makes Humans Attractive to Mosquitoes?

Whether you yourself are prone to mosquito bites or your family can’t catch a break, it’s hard to figure out what attracts mosquitoes to some people rather than others. We do know that there are three main things that attract mosquitoes:

  1. Breath. Female mosquitoes have special organs that are attuned to the smell of carbon dioxide, which is produced when people exhale. They can detect carbon dioxide in the air from more than 150 feet away. This is usually the reason for initial attraction. 
  2. Blood. Female mosquitoes need blood to reproduce properly, and we all have it. They use their proboscis to pierce our skin and take our blood. Some research has been conducted concerning how blood type sways mosquitoes’ decisions of who to bite. It appears that people with type O blood are more likely to be targeted by mosquitoes than those with type A. Genetic make-up can also contribute to making someone more prone to mosquito bites.
  3. Scent. Certain scents tell mosquitoes that humans are nearby. Substances like uric acid, lactic acid, and ammonia that come from the glands in your skin are attractive to mosquitoes. People with higher internal body temperatures or people that perspire more will attract more mosquitoes as well. Even artificial floral scents like perfumes and fragrances can attract them.

What is Attractive to Mosquitoes in Louisiana?

If you or people in your family are “mosquito magnets,” spring and summer time can be full of bites. Always contact a mosquito exterminator to help you mosquito-proof your yard before the season starts. 

What Attracts Mosquitoes? in Southern Louisiana

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