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Mosquito Identification

It is easy to misidentify mosquitoes as other bugs. Mosquitoes can be told apart from other bugs by taking note of their small, thin bodies and needle-like proboscis, which they use to draw blood.

Female mosquitoes have to find a source of stagnant water to lay their eggs on top of. Popular places that mosquitoes breed include buckets, birdbaths, stacks of tires, and more.

Mosquitoes usually only live for around two months. It takes about two weeks for a newly hatched mosquito to reach adulthood. Learn more about the lifespan of mosquitoes here!

We’ve all met a “mosquito magnet” at some point. Many factors contribute to someone being attractive to mosquitoes, including blood type and scent.

Many people think that mosquitoes only feed on blood, but this is not true. In fact, male mosquitoes don’t feed on blood at all, and females only require it to reproduce. Mosquitoes mainly eat nectar.

Mosquitoes are known across the world for their bites. These bites usually heal in a few days with minor symptoms. Learn how to tell if you’ve been bit by a mosquito with our expert tips. 

Despite what some think, mosquitoes are unable to transmit HIV. Even if they draw the blood of an infected person, they do not transmit it when feeding and thus do not pass on HIV.

Mosquitoes are known for being able to transmit some of the world’s most dangerous diseases, from Zika virus to malaria. Learn all about the diseases that they cause here.

Mosquito Identification in Southern Louisiana

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