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DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

There are several options available to you to get rid of mosquitoes quickly. People often look to DIY treatments as their primary option, but do these work as well as professional services?

Usually, DIY treatments do not take care of mosquitoes as well as professional ones. However, some DIY options can handle small mosquito problems fairly well. 

DIY Mosquito Treatment Options

Can I Get Rid of Mosquitoes Without Professional Help?

The most important step to get rid of mosquitoes on your own is to limit things that might attract them around your yard. Inspect your yard regularly for places that mosquitoes could use as their breeding grounds—this means anywhere that standing water could collect. Pour out or cover water in pools, birdbaths, spas, buckets, gutters, planters, or anywhere else it is building up. Also, consider installing fans in your outdoor areas to block mosquitoes from flying around where you want to be. 

Do DIY Mosquito Sprays Actually Work?

If you’re currently dealing with mosquito problems, you might be wondering if you have anything in your house already that can help you get rid of them. Lots of people use diluted essential oils to create mosquito sprays. These sprays might work as a short-term solution for controlling smaller mosquito outbreaks, but they aren’t as effective as professional barrier treatments. 

DIY vs. Professional Treatment for Mosquitoes

If you need mosquitoes out of your yard right away, a professional mosquito treatment is the best way to ensure this. A trained technician can make sure that mosquitoes are deterred for the whole season by setting up custom treatment plans for your home.