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Mosquito Treatment

Wash your mosquito bites with soap and water to help them heal faster. If they are very itchy, you can apply over-the-counter creams with hydrocortisone. Learn more treatment tips here!


There are many options for safe mosquito prevention, including netting, traps, repellents, and barrier treatments. Learn all about the best way to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard in Louisiana here.

DIY mosquito treatment options can be successful, but their potency usually doesn’t last for long. Learn all about the pros and cons of homemade mosquito control options here.

Treatment for mosquitoes should be applied just before the season starts to kick into gear. Here in Louisiana, you should consider having your property treated in March.

EPA-approved mosquito repellents are safe to use so long as you heed the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Professional mosquito treatment is always reliable as well. 

Barrier treatments are widely regarded as the most reliable option for lasting mosquito control. They create a custom, targeted approach to keeping your yard mosquito-free in the height of the season.

Mosquito treatment, when applied by a professional mosquito control expert, can keep future generations from hatching as well as deter current populations from hanging around in your yard. Learn more here!

Mosquito treatment lasts for one to two months on average. Follow-up treatments are usually required to ensure that mosquitoes stay away all summer long.