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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Mosquito treatments will last for around one to two months depending on the level of treatment and the products used. The climate, weather patterns, and the number of mosquitoes can all play into the potency of the treatment over time. When you hire a professional pest control company, their technicians can tell you exactly when your home should be retreated to ward off mosquitoes. 

The aim of the treatment will be to ensure that your yard is free of mosquitoes throughout the spring and summer, which is why follow-up treatments may be in order. 

Mosquito Barrier Treatment - Mosquito Pest Control by Ja-Roy in Louisiana

How Many Mosquito Treatments Do I Need?

Multiple treatments are generally required to provide continual mosquito protection all spring and summer long. About a month after it is initially applied, mosquito repellent will start to degrade, weakening the power of the barrier covering your property. It’s important to continue to protect your family from mosquitoes by following up with another treatment. 

How Often Should I Have Mosquito Treatments Done?

You should still be looking out for mosquito activity between treatments to identify any areas where the barrier is weakening. Follow these steps to keep mosquitoes away all summer:

  1. Complete a weekly inspection of your yard during mosquito season to look for problem areas. 
  2. Cover our pour out any new collection of standing water.
  3. Use fans outside to keep mosquitoes out of areas that you frequent. 

Lasting Mosquito Treatment in Louisiana

Mosquito treatment should be administered before spring starts, usually in early to mid-March here in Louisiana. After this treatment, your hired technician will work with you to figure out when they should come back to reapply products. This could be anywhere between a month to two months after the first treatment application. If you notice that the power of your barrier treatment dwindles too early, reach out to your exterminator to help. 

How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last? in Southern Louisiana

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