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When Should Mosquito Treatment Start in Louisiana?

The most effective way to apply mosquito treatment is to have it done before the season starts. That being said, any time you start mosquito treatment is better than none. Barrier treatments can start in early March before mosquito season starts or in the heat of the summer. Ideally, you would have mosquito treatment done just before spring.

When should mosquito treatment start

When is Mosquito Season in Louisiana?

Mosquito season starts at a different time depending on where you are in the country. This is because mosquito eggs can only hatch when outside temperatures reach 50 degrees consistently. At this point, mosquito season sets in, and they begin to reproduce more rapidly. Mosquito season starts in early March here in Louisiana. This makes it important to start preparing earlier than you would think.

When Do I Need to Start Treatment for Mosquitoes?

Too often, people wait until their mosquito problem is out of control to look into hiring a professional mosquito exterminator. At this point, the mosquitoes have already established their breeding population in your yard and will be much harder to get rid of. The best way to prevent a large outbreak on your property is to take action and hire mosquito control professionals before spring starts. This may seem overly precautious, but you will be happy when you see the results. 

What Time of Day Should You Apply Mosquito Spray?

Mosquitoes display the most activity at dusk and dawn. During the low sunlight, mosquitoes are out and about, looking to breed and find hosts to feed on. This means that you will see the most success controlling mosquitoes if you apply mosquito sprays in the early morning or evening. When you hire a professional mosquito exterminator to treat your home for mosquitoes, they will help determine the ideal times to spray for mosquitoes on your property.

When Should Mosquito Treatment Start In Covington? in Southern Louisiana

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