A mouse found in Louisiana | Ja-roy Pest ControlMany of us are familiar with that scurrying sound in the walls. However, when it comes down to getting rid of rodents, many people don’t care what they’re dealing with as long as they’re out of the house ASAP! While a professional pest control company can always take care of your rodent infestation, no matter what kind, we highly encourage our customers to learn about the differences between the two. It can save you from future infestations!

To learn more about the differences between mice and rats in Louisiana, read on for some pointers from the rodent control team at Ja-Roy Pest Control.

Rats vs Mice: Why Should I Know the Difference?

To a certain extent, whether or not you have mice or rats in your home does not matter immediately. Both of these pests are capable of spreading dangerous diseases and filth and causing similar damage to your home: scratches, stains, and chewed-through wiring. Either way, your safest move is to hire a rodent removal professional to assess your situation.

However, learning the differences between the two is what will save you from future infestations. While they share many similarities, the differences between mice and rats are consequential enough to allow you to target the prevention of whichever species is giving you trouble on your property.

4 Differences Between Rat and Mice Species in Louisiana

These are the four main factors to look for to tell if you’re dealing with rats or mice:

  1. Appearance: The house mouse is the most common mouse in Louisiana. At only .5oz, they are much smaller than rats. They range in color from light brown to gray. Besides their larger size, the roof rat can be differentiated from mice by its darker coat, and the Norway rat can be told apart by its shaggy coat.
  2. Behavior: The biggest distinction to make between rats and mice is this: rats are curious and mice are cautious. When dealing with mice, you can put baited traps out and expect success with a quick turnaround time. However, rats need to investigate items that are newly introduced to their environment. Placing unset traps first can help increase the likelihood of their eventual success.
  3. Diet: Although mice are known as cheese-lovers, they actually prefer grains and plants. Cereals and fresh produce are delectable to mice. Rats are less picky, but their favorite foods are fresh grains and meat. Rats also need a consistent water source, while mice derive almost all of their necessary hydration from food sources.
  4. Habitats: Mice like to build nests close to their food source using shredded paper, fabric, or similar materials. Both local rat species nest differently: Norway rats burrow outdoors or in large enough piles of debris, and roof rats nest as high up as they can, usually in attics or trees.

Rodent Removal Services with Ja-Roy Pest Control

No matter which rodent species you’re dealing with, you can trust in the technicians at Ja-Roy Pest Control to remove them. Our rodent control experts conduct comprehensive mouse and rat removal services, offering advice to prevent future infestations based on complete property inspections. For a free quote or to hear more about how we can help, contact us today!

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