There are thousands of types of spiders around the world. These eight-legged creatures are both fascinating and frightening, and even in the cleanest home, you’re never far from one. Louisiana is home to a very wide range of arachnids, ranging from the impressive but not dangerous to the tiny but deadly. Understanding the different spiders you might encounter at home or out in the yard can help you determine whether you should call Ja-Roy Pest Control for help, or if you’ve got a friendly helping hand in eliminating some other potential threats.

Common Spiders in Louisiana

There are several species of spiders that call Louisiana home today, either brought in by human migration or native to the area. However, the vast majority are harmless. Of course, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a harmless spider and one that does pose a danger to you and your family. Some of the spiders you might encounter in your home or yard include:

Brown Recluse – About an inch long, the brown recluse is a dangerous spider, although they are not aggressive. Most bites are only painful, although a small fraction does result in tissue necrosis.

Black Widow – One of the most infamous spiders in the US, the black widow features an easily identifiable red hourglass marking on its abdomen. Black widow bites can be very dangerous, and medical attention should be sought if bitten.

Brown Widow – The brown widow is a larger relative of the black widow, and like its more famous cousin, its bite is poisonous. Also like its relative, the brown widow is not aggressive and usually prefers to flee rather than fight.

Other Widows – There are several other “widow” spiders, including the red widow. They are all recognizable by the hourglass marking on their abdomens, and all have similar bite consequences.

Yellow Sac Spiders – These spiders are easily identified by the pale yellow abdomen. While their bite causes pain and lesions, they are not lethal, and the spider only bites when threatened (not aggressive).

House Spiders – These are the most common spiders on the planet, and frequently take up residence in houses, barns and other manmade structures. While they can bite, they are harmless.

Wolf Spiders – Louisiana is home to several different species of wolf spiders, but all can be identified by their trademark hairy bodies. They are not aggressive, but will bite if threatened. Bites are not dangerous, though swelling and itching will result.

Jumping Spiders – There are multiple types of jumping spiders in Louisiana, and they vary in size dramatically. Most bites are inconsequential, but very large jumping spiders have bites that can cause pain (often as severe as a bee string), although there is no actual danger from the bite.

About Louisiana Spiders

Most of the spiders that call Louisiana home are harmless to humans. There are only a very few species of spiders worldwide that can be considered serious threats to human life. In fact, most spiders are actually beneficial creatures, as they help reduce the population of other pests that can have a detrimental impact on human life by spreading disease, waste and more.

Of course, it can be difficult to tell if a spider is dangerous or not. Most of them won’t sit still for you to inspect their abdomens for that red hourglass, and larger spiders can be frightening even if they’re harmless. The best defense is to leave the spider alone and contact a spider exterminator to ensure that your home hasn’t become a haven for dangerous pests that might do harm to your family. If spiders are a problem in your home, contact Ja-Roy Pest Control to learn more about our available pest control options.

Common Louisiana Spiders – Knowing Your Arachnids in Southern Louisiana

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